Shaping ASEAN’s Future Readiness

ASEAN is the fifth largest manufacturing hub in the world and a manufacturing powerhouse. It is estimated to propel itself into becoming one of the largest economies by 2020. However, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is now bringing unprecedented changes to the region, putting it at risk of falling behind and allowing other regions to close their manufacturing competitiveness gap with ASEAN. Within the System Initiative, the Shaping the Future of Production in ASEAN project, developed in collaboration with stakeholders in the region, examines what opportunities will drive the development of advanced manufacturing and production, and whether and what type of multilateral collaborations will increase the chances of success.

This White Paper summarizes new findings and recommendations for ASEAN, both government and business leaders, drawn from desk research and multi-stakeholder engagements from July 2017 to August 2018. Using evidence from over 50 interviews with policy-makers, civil society and private sector stakeholders, this paper provides a number of practical “must-dos” for ASEAN to advance manufacturing and production in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

12 September 2018