The Impact of 5G: Creating New Value across Industries and Society

The positive impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its related emerging technologies will be fully realized through the wide-scale deployment of 5G communication networks in combination with other connectivity solutions. The key functional drivers of 5G will unlock a broad range of opportunities, including the optimization of service delivery, decision-making, and end-user experience. This will result in $13.2 trillion in global economic value by 2035, generating 22.3 million jobs in the 5G global value chain alone. To better understand how to realize this large estimated economic output potential, this report proposes a bottom-up approach analyzing 40 use cases that identified key industrial advances and social impact areas in addition to the main functional drivers of 5G and the required maturity levels of these drivers. Additionally, it maps the 5G ecosystem to identify its components, its stakeholders and interdependencies, and the actions needed to accelerate 5G deployment and fully realize the potential.

White Paper
7 January 2020