The Next Frontier: Natural Resource Targets Shaping a Competitive Circular Economy within Planetary Boundaries

In collaboration with the International Resource Panel and the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE), the World Economic Forum is excited to announce the publication of a new whitepaper on The Next Frontier: Natural Resource Targets.

The whitepaper examines current challenges related to increasing natural resource demand and offers recommendations for how the circular economy and better natural resource management can help mitigate risks of providing economic growth potential.

While businesses and governments are already taking steps in this direction, much more is required. This White Paper offers initial reflections on the need and opportunity for strengthened metrics and integrating comprehensive natural resources targets to both accelerate innovation and more effectively track progress towards a circular economy. Without undermining the complexity of this task, the goal is to spark debate between academics, governments, and businesses on the scale and scope of action required to achieve a fully circular economy that operates within planetary boundaries.

White Paper
10 October 2019