The Global Risks 2013 report, which captures how experts see the most important risks afflicting the world over the next ten years, is stuffed full of facts, figures and graphics. You can sift through the findings in our data explorer, which lets you filter how global risks are seen by region, age and gender, among other criteria. Browse this map showing the top three risks around the world in terms of impact, and check out the list below of figures which shed light on the report’s methodology as well as some of the many facets of a world at risk.

  • Over 1000 experts from industry, government, academia and civil society took part in the survey underpinning the report
  • Average age of respondents for the Global Risks 2013 report is 43, versus 55 for 2012
  • The report features five risk categories – economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological – with 10 prioritized risks in each, giving a total  of 50 prevalent global risks
  • 5 X Factor risks were developed in partnership with Nature
  •  A report by Mercer puts the cumulative cost of climate change on the physical environment, health and food security at between US$ 2 trillion and US$ 4 trillion by 2030
  • The International Monetary Fund projects slow growth in the advanced economies, an annual rate of between 1.3% and 2.6% between 2012 and 2017
  • Riots sparked by an anti-Islamic film on YouTube were estimated to claim at least 50 lives in 2012
  • Every minute, 48 hours’ worth of content is uploaded to YouTube
  • Just under 100,000 Americans, 80,000 Chinese and 25,000 Europeans a year die from hospital-acquired antibiotic-resistant infections
  • The annual cost to the US health care system of antibiotic-resistant infections is already estimated at between US$ 21 billion and US$ 34 billion


Read the report:

Global Risks 2013

Image: An investor is seen in front of an electronic board with stock information REUTERS/Stringer Shanghai