Millions of young people are still struggling to find a job around the world. Global youth unemployment grew significantly between 2007 and 2010 but has now stabilised at just over 13%, according to a recent report from the International Labour Organisation. Despite that stabilisation, however, today’s rate of youth unemployment remains significantly higher than its pre-crisis level of 11.7%.

According to the ILO, the rate of unemployment can be partly attributed to increasing numbers of young people enrolling in education, resulting in a shrinking labour force. While the ILO welcomed the education factor, it also voiced concerns about its uneven nature. 31% of people in low-income countries have no educational qualifications at all compared to 6% in lower middle-income countries and 2% in upper middle-income countries.

151013-global youth unemployment statista chart

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Author: Niall McCarthy is a Media Relations Manager at Statista

Image: Job offers are seen in this illustration. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo