Are you a workaholic? Then you might want to consider moving to Hong Kong, where working hours average over 50 per week and staff get only 17 days of annual leave.

If, on the other hand, you’d like a shorter working week and more time off, Paris would be a better choice, given the population works an average of 35 hours per week and receives 29 days of paid holidays.

According to a report by UBS, a high hourly income and a low number of working hours is an indicator of a high quality of life.

Workers around the world spend on average over 40 hours a week at work, and receive over 4.5 weeks of paid holidays. But there are exceptions. For example, in Shanghai employees get just seven days off. This is not taking into consideration legal holidays, which add some much-needed free time for workers. In Bangkok, workers get on average nine days of paid holidays, but the 16 days of legal holidays brings that figure up to 25.

Manama in Bahrain comes on top, with 34 paid holidays every year. São Paulo in Brazil is the city with the most generous annual leave when you combine both paid and legal holidays, averaging 50 days, or about 10 weeks.

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Author: José Santiago, Digital Content Specialist, Public Engagement, World Economic Forum

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