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The effects of austerity hit women twice as hard as men. (Guardian)

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Gender equality and infectious diseases: there’s a link. (World Economic Forum)

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Few women fight wildfires. It’s not the flames they are afraid of. (Washington Post)

New bill to tackle Egypt’s surge in rapes. (Al-monitor)

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UN urges Switzerland to improve gender equality. (Swiss Info)

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International Men’s Day. It’s finally all about the patriarchy. (Quartz)

Women in power and decision-making
Source: The World’s Women, 2015, United Nations

Quote of the week

“When I took my first interview with a big law firm in France, they offered me a great salary and said, ‘Of course, don’t expect ever to make partnership.’ And I said, ‘Why is that?’ And they looked at me with awed surprise and said, ‘Well, because you’re a woman!’”

Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, IMF
Women of the Year lunch, Los Angeles, November 2016