A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

1. Facts and figures. How costly is violence, economically speaking? (World Economic Forum)

Image: IEP

2. While inequality rose in the US, middle income earners did benefit from policies more than the poor, this article argues. (The Economist)

3. Finland begins its trial for a basic income for the unemployed. (Guardian)

4. A paper in an upcoming volume suggests that a universal basic income should not be thought of as a replacement of the welfare state, but as a complement to stop the deteriorating bargaining power of labour over capital. (INET)

5. What are the biggest risks to global growth this year, according to Martin Wolf? (Financial Times)

6. What will 2017 look like for Latin America? (Knowledge@Wharton)

7. Anthony Atkinson, an eminent economist, inequality and poverty expert died this week. (Le Monde)

8. Here are the top three priorities to address the discontents of globalization. (World Economic Forum)

9. Five economics terms which can help you in everyday life. (BloombergView)

10. Europe became poorer and more unequal in the past few years, an ECB study suggests. (Business Insider)