Artificial intelligence programs exhibit racial and gender biases. (The Guardian)

The US gender gap, in 5 charts. (World Economic Forum)

Companies don’t always know what their female employees need, unless women tell them. (World Economic Forum)

My experiment in 50/50 parenting. Re-imagining gender roles. (World Economic Forum)

Google doesn’t underpay its female employees, it has a different problem with women. (Business Insider)

Sex strikes are a surprisingly effective strategy for political change. (Quartz)

Venture capitalists are bright, clannish and almost exclusively male. (The Economist)

Bill to put GPS trackers on domestic abusers passes in Maryland. (NBC Washington)

Brexit: disastrous for women? (The Guardian)

Workplace diversity, data and design: Focusing on what works. (McKinsey)

Kenya’s high court tells parliament, meet quotas or risk dissolution.(Quartz)

The latest makeup trend treats women like children. (New York Magazine)

$90 million plan to help girls of colour unveiled by the Buffet Foundation. (New York Times)

Chart of the week: Women with children are penalized. Men with children are rewarded.

Source: The US gender gap, in 5 charts. (World Economic Forum)

Quote of the week

“We should celebrate the progress we have made, but we must not let ourselves fall into the trap and believe our work is done. We still have a mountain to climb.”

Vĕra Jourová
EU Commissioner for Justice, April 2017
EU gender equality report reveals ‘mountain to climb’, Global Government Forum