Women lose ground on new board seats for first time in 8 years. (Bloomberg)

Sex doesn’t actually sell: New study. (Quartz)

The Wonder Woman Effect: Women directors are owning the box office. (Wired)

The word 'woman' literally doesn't appear in US healthcare bill. (Quartz)

Safe abortions and sexual health: One man's crusade to end patriarchy. (The Atlantic)

Pregnant schoolgirl ban angers Tanzanian women. (BBC)

Term 'genius' alienates women, says Cambridge lecturer. (BBC)

Syria’s women could be key to the future. (Al-Monitor)

Sexism in tech: The open secret more women are prepared to talk about. (TechCrunch)

Indian women are better off, but it’s not all good news. (Bloomberg)

Referee organisation working to level the field for women. (Los Angeles Times)

Chart of the week: Indian women more independent, less abused
Half of India's women own a mobile phone. The number with their own bank account up from 15% to 53%. Married women reporting spousal abuse down from 37% to 29%.
Source: Government of India, via Bloomberg.

Quote of the week
“I've heard so many leaders say, 'Oh, I'm a feminist' (...) To all those who have declared themselves feminists -- and I applaud them and I continue to applaud them -- let's make sure that we hold them to account and that they actually demonstrate what they preach.”

Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

March, 2017, CNN Money

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