1 in 4 Americans thinks time travel will happen before gender equality in business. (Fortune)

Men are replacing women as CEOs in a step backwards for diversity. (Bloomberg)

Female CEOs hold key to returns says $42 billion stock manager. (Bloomberg)

The economics of dividing domestic work fairly. (Quartz)

Image: Pew Research Center/Quartz

Are laws about alcohol during pregnancy more about restricting reproductive rights? (Quartz)

Why do some UN peacekeepers rape? (Al Jazeera)

This Girl Can(’t)? campaign reworks sex sells’. (The Conversation)

Gay rights and feminism in China. Leading activist speaks out. (SupChina)

Fake news about real women in the age of social media. (Huffington Post)

Young feminists ignore the concerns of older women. (Independent)

Chart of the week: Graduating professional students who attempted to negotiate their pay
Source: ScienceDirect, via Washington Post

Quote of the week
“If we do not share our stories and shine a light on inequities, things will not change.”