World’s largest cities ranked on gender equality. (Next City)

Image: Thomson Reuters Foundation

UK gender inequality as bad as 10 years ago, EU league table shows. (The Guardian)

Jamaica is leading the world in workplace gender equality. (iNews)

#MeToo: Women are sharing their experiences, showing how common sex crimes are. (Quartz)

Susan Wojcicki explains why the ‘Google memo’ author had to be fired. (Recode)

Lots of men are gender-equality allies in private. Why not in public? (Harvard Business Review)

Women are more concerned than men about gender discrimination in tech. (Pew Research Centre)

Asian nations struggle to meet global target to lower deaths in childbirth. (Reuters)

Egypt moves toward criminalizing child marriage. (Al-Monitor)

YouTube uses its massive platform to help every girl get an education. (Mashable)

Successful career women finish the phraseIf Only …’ (New York Times)

Chart of the week: Members of boards in largest quoted companies, EU countries. (Top and bottom six countries shown)
Source: Guardian graphic | Gender Equality Index 2017, EIGE, WMID

Quote of the week

“We are moving forward at a snail’s pace. We are still a long way off from reaching a gender-equal society and all countries in the European Union have room to improve. In some areas, the gaps are even bigger than ten years ago.”

Virginija Langbakk, October 2017
Director of European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)
Launch of Gender Equality Index 2017