UK’s Prime Minister urges sexual harassment victims to come forward. (Bloomberg)

Two US banks fail to join gender equality charter. (The Guardian)

Did Saudi Arabia just give this robot more rights than its women? (Middle East Eye)

Women left behind as China set to be ruled by Xi Jinping and six other men. (Washington Post)

Saudi Arabia to allow women into sports stadium. (Gulf News)

How most leadership training programs fail women. (Washington Post)

Maternal mortality data in the US is so bad, we don’t know how many new mothers die. (Quartz)

Gender and climate change: the pictures speak for themselves. (The Conversation)

200 million women work without laws against sexual harassment. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Horror is the only film genre where women appear and speak as often as men. (World Economic Forum)

A woman’s shoe emoji that isn’t a red stiletto? (The Atlantic)

Chart of the week: Women and white collar crime, in the US, 2013
Source: American Sociological Review

Quote of the week

“Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women.”

Nora Ephron, 1996
Writer, Filmmaker
Commencement Speech, Wellesley College, 1996