1. The US and China led the world in AI skills. But which country comes third?

India. In data gathered relative to the US, the south Asian giant has the third highest penetration of AI-related skills, followed by Israel, Germany and Switzerland. Read more here.

2. DJI, worth $15 billion, is China’s biggest AI-linked company. What does it specialize in?

Drones. The Shenzhen-based company has more than 70% share of the global drones industry. Other up and coming Chinese AI pioneers specialise in deep learning, image recognition and robotics. Read more here.

3. Who currently scores most highly on Google’s translation scale?

Humans. But only just – after huge leaps in machine learning since 2013, Google Translate results now sometimes reach 5 on the company's evaluation of translation accuracy. The average human translator rates around 5.1. Read more here.

4. With what accuracy did a MIT neural network manage to detect depression in human subjects?

77%. By analysing the speech patterns and word choices of both depressed and non-depressed subjects, the MIT network now detects depression better than most other previous models. Read more here.

5. Which of these states is currently developing fully autonomous weapons?

South Korea. The five others known to be involved in designing and testing fully autonomous weapons are the US, China, the UK, Russia and Israel. Read more here.

6. What is the biggest consumer concern about driverless cars?

Passenger safety. 50% of respondents in a recent survey said they wouldn't feel safe if a machine was driving, while only 23% were worried their vehicle might be hacked. Other concerns included being unwilling to pay for the technology and enjoying driving. Read more here.

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