Every year, leaders from around the world meet in Davos at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting to discuss the most pressing issues facing society. For the last eight years WEFLIVE – KPMG’s social media aggregator and visualization site - has analyzed Twitter conversations and media articles around these important discussions.

It is interesting to see how trends ebb and flow throughout the week, and as WEFLIVE now tracks 12 months - year-over-year. As an example last year we noted that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, were trending as one of the hot topics of conversation. This year it is barely a blip on the WEFLIVE platform, as geopolitics, globalization, climate change and gender equality are driving the most conversations.

As we watch the trends through WEFLIVE we see the conversation online shift day-to-day. The changes are often tied to plenary sessions and the speakers. During day one geopolitics, globalization and economy were trending with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro’s keynote. On day two we saw themes around gender equality and diversity increase in volume as leaders and participants made a call for diversity and more visible role models.

The topic of climate change, renewables and sustainability has remained one of the top trends over the first two days of WEF. During the first day discussions were driven with coverage of a panel on “Safeguarding our Planet”. On WEFLIVE participants- Sir David Attenborough and Al Gore - remained into the second day two of the most mentioned related to this topic.

What will the final day bring? Be a part of the conversation by using the hashtag #WEFLIVE, and follow the trends on WEFLIVE to stay up-to-date with the trends.