• The Statista Global Consumer Survey has found which countries use health apps the most.
  • 65% of Chinese citizens use these apps, with over 40% paying for the service.
  • Americans and Germans were most likely to use free services.

Chinese and Indians are most likely to use health apps and are also the most willing to pay when it comes to using your phone or smartwatch to track your health and wellness. This is according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, which quizzed people on their health app use.

Americans were found to be using health apps very commonly but were also the biggest freeloaders when it comes to health apps together with Germans. Using a health app was actually less common in Europe with only 22 to 40 percent of respondents saying they were using one. Use was lowest in Japan at just 12 percent of respondents.

The most common type of app used were nutrition apps. Apps monitoring heart rate or other bodily functions and those tracking sleep were also popular. Indians were most likely to use meditation or mindfulness apps.

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The most common type of app used were nutrition apps.
Image: Statista