• Here is a guide to follow the #DavosAgenda online.

Nearly two years after the start of global disruptions due to COVID-19, economies, societies and organizations are continuing to grapple with the unpredictable trajectory of the virus.

During the week that participants were meant to come together in Davos – 17-21 January 2022 – the Forum will instead host a series of virtual plenaries aligned with the Annual Meeting objective of orienting global leaders on the imperatives of the year ahead.

Featuring a mix of visionary “state of the world” special addresses and ambitious high-level leadership panels focusing on critical collective challenges, the Davos Agenda will mobilize heads of state and government, business leaders, international organizations and civil society to share their outlook, insights and plans relating to the most urgent global issues. The meeting will also provide a platform for connection, enabling the public to watch and interact, through livestreamed sessions and virtual connections.

Here is our guide to how to follow #DavosAgenda on our digital channels.

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During the meeting, we will publish articles by participants, from CEOs and industry leaders to members of our communities - Young Global Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs and Global Shapers - on our content platform, Agenda.

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You can follow all of our stories here from the Annual Meeting on our Davos Agenda 2022 magazine on Flipboard.

How to embed the World Economic Forum webcast session videos in your website

You can embed a session from the video player once the event begins. Click on the last icon for instructions beneath the video.