Wind turbines in the countryside.
Emerging Technologies

The global growth story of the 21st century: driven by investment and innovation in green technologies and artificial intelligence

Deep dive

Low-carbon technologies like wind power are receiving increasing levels of investment around the world. Image: Unsplash/Nuno Marques

Lord Nicholas Stern
Chair, The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Mattia Romani
Partner, Systemiq


Low carbon economy: What it means and how to achieve it?

A graphic showing the tipping points by sector from 1990 to 2050.
The road to progress. Image: Systemiq, Forthcoming - January 2023, The Breakthrough Effect - Triggering the Global Tipping Cascade.

A map showing where large low-carbon industrial projects are being announced across the globe.
A variety of low-carbon projects are being announced around the world. Image: Climatescope 2022

4 pioneering solutions for clean energy investment in emerging economies

What's needed to ensure energy security and a net-zero future

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1. Opportunity: the drivers of the future economy2. Global momentum and a new geography of growth: the race is on3. Scale of investment required4. Collaboration on finance, technology and trade5. Creating the future

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