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Javier Arreola-Rosales

Executive, Investment Banking, GF Inbursa

Javier Arreola Rosales is an Investment Banking Executive at Grupo Financiero Inbursa, where he contributes to manage assets of a portfolio of companies located in Mexico, the U.S., Colombia and Spain. He is the bank's fintech scouting coordinator and advisor on cryptocurrencies for the Group's Chairman. He is also a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shaper. He is one of the 40 regular authors appointed by the WEF, where he cowrites the Spanish version of “10 must-read economics stories of the week”. He is also a blogger on energy, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and Hispanics and his articles have appeared at Forbes Mexico, the World Economic Forum Spanish, NPR, among others. He worked at The Brookings Institution, the most important think-tank in the world, focusing on Mexico and Latin America. He has delivered presentations in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Panama as well as at the Universities of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Georgetown and The George Washington University. He obtained a Master of Science in Engineering Management with focus on technology at The George Washington University, where he was recognized as a Carlos Slim Scholar. Priorly, he graduated as a Civil Engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. By emphasizing the most relevant issues of Mexico's and the Americas' leadership in the world, Javier aims to help shaping his community and country to leave the world better than he found it.

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