Ric Fulop

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Desktop Metal

MBA, Sloan Fellow, MIT Sloan School of Management. Formerly: 15-year career as an entrepreneur; General Partner, North Bridge (a VC fund with $3 billion under management). Founder of six technology companies, including A123 Systems (invented and commercialized first Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries). With North Bridge, was an early stage investor and Member of the Board, Dyn (acq NASDAQ: ORCL), Onshape (acq by NASDAQ: PTC), MarkForged (NASDAQ: MKFG), Salsify and Lytro (acq NASDAQ: GOOG); led the North Bridge software and 3D investing practices. Was the original Series A investor in companies that have changed the 3D landscape including ProtoLabs (NASDAQ: PRLB), SpaceClaim (acq. by Ansys), SolidWorks (acq NASDAQ: DASTY) and Revit (acq NASDAQ: ADSK). Currently, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Desktop Metal, the market share leader in metal and ceramics binder jet and 3D printing of dental and other class II medical parts. Its 3D printing systems enable mass production of parts at higher speed and lower cost than previous processes. Chairman and co-founder of Lumafield, a company commercializing a new way to image 3D parts for production. Former Member of the Board, Electric Drive Transportation Association and Endeavor Global. Avid pilot.

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