Utkarsh Amitabh

Global Shaper, New Delhi Hub, Network Capital

Utkarsh Amitabh works at Microsoft and is the Founder of Network Capital, a global peer mentoring and career navigation platform with over 40,000 mentors active in 104 countries. He is part of the team that built India's first smart village which is now recognized in the Prime Minister's book of pioneering innovations. Utkarsh is a Global Shaper who represented the community both at Davos and Dalian. He graduated as the Andy Burgess Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD. He is a TEDx speaker, Penn Social Impact House Fellow and the torchbearer of the Young India Fellowship. Utkarsh's articles have been published by the World Economic Forum, Quartz, Indian Express and Scroll. Utkarsh is also a trained actor and played “Major Metcalf” in the world's longest running play.