Industry Strategy Meeting

6-7 June 2018 San Francisco, USA

Transforming Business in a Fractured World

The global context is changing significantly as geostrategic competition has re-emerged on multiple fronts with wide-ranging political, economic and social consequences. Competing political narratives are shaping the governance of multiple industries. New economic strategies are being formulated to preserve the benefits of global trade and foreign investment. Socially, there is growing concern that a systemic approach is missing when it comes to climate change, inclusive growth and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. How then does business thrive in this fractured world? How should senior executives who are responsible for shaping their industry’s agenda respond collectively to shared challenges?

To this end, the World Economic Forum will convene more than 300 Industry Strategy Officers to build on the business community’s discussions at the Annual Meeting 2018 in Davos. The Industry Strategy Meeting also aims to advance the work of the System Initiatives that are enabling industries to shift from managing disruption to pioneering new models of business continuity and innovation.

The Industry Strategy Meeting programme will focus on three cross-industry themes:

Foresight and Preparedness: How can industries improve their planning and performance in response to geopolitical challenges, market volatility and emerging technologies?

Trust and Resilience: How can industries build trust among their stakeholders and strengthen their organizational resilience in an era of increasing digital disruption and cyber-threats?

Innovation and Impact: How can business-driven innovation and new forms of collaboration address critical socio-economic and sustainable development challenges?