The New Generation Industry Leaders is a cross-industry community committed to transform the industry and get young generations excited about its future frontiers

The New Generation Industry Leaders - Partners around the world

Comprised of nomination-only members and partners from leading global industrial companies and technology innovators, the New Generation Industry Leaders (NGIL) community engages across the World Economic Forum’s platform to shape and drive new ideas that transform the industry and promote and champion industrial careers to younger generations, particularly Millennials and Generation Z.

The community engages in a two-year journey and gets exposure to learning modules at the intersection of strategy, leadership and operations delivered by academic thought leaders and CEOs/senior executives from the production ecosystem; participates in networking sessions to better get to know each other and connect; and engages in smaller cross-industry teams to come up with and deliver on new ideas to drive solutions in their own organizations or in the industry at large for transforming the production ecosystem and getting young generations excited about its future frontier

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