Hoda Al Khzaimi

Director, Centre for Cybersecurity, New York University Abu Dhabi

Hoda A. Al Khzaimi is currently a research assistant professor at New York University Abu Dhabi. The founder and director of Emerging Advanced Research Acceleration for Technologies, Security and Cryptology research lab and center (EMARATSEC) . A Director of Center of Cyber Security in New York University Abu Dhabi. She served in different posts for research and development in Cyber Security and Cryptology for the past years. She headed the Department of Research and Development for Cyber Security and Cryptology in different national initiatives in the United Arab Emirates along with her associations to different security initiatives nationally and internationally.

Alkhzaimi has a specific expertise in Cryptology; cryptanalysis, constructing and validating security hardware and software components, constructing trusted security architectures for different environments in different products for the respective industries. Hoda A. Alkhzaimi obtained her PhD in Cryptanalysis from Denmark Technical University. Her current research interests include Space, Aerospace, and UAV security, constructing and analyzing cryptographic primitives, validating and investigating links between different cryptanalytic approaches, and utilizing cryptographic primitives in different cybersecurity architectures as in Internet and Things of big data analysis among others. In addition to designing secure hardware and inducing security designs within global semiconductor supply chain models. Hoda has as well a particular interest in emerging technologies investments, the use or emerging technology to expand emerging economies and digital economies ,democratizing technology development through building an inclusive global chip and semiconductors infrastructure , development of impactful emerging economies for SDGs and value investing for emerging technologies.
Hoda is leading multiple NGOs supporting women and vulnerable groups in STEAM and advocating for equitable access to knowledge, research and technnology development.

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