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Jeremy Jurgens

Head of Knowledge and Digital Engagement, Member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum Geneva

1993, BA in Economics and International Relations, Claremont McKenna College; 1998, Master's in Education, Harvard University. 1994-96, Language Instructor, Japanese Ministry of Finance; 1996-98, International Sales, Patagonia; 1998-99, Curriculum Designer, Microsoft. Since 1999, with the World Economic Forum: 1999-2002, Associate Director, Knowledge Management and Internet Development; 2003-04, Assistant to the Chairman; 2004-05, Associate Director, Centre for Strategic Insight and responsible for 2005 Annual Meeting Programme; 2005-08, Director, Global Growth Companies; 2006, opened Representative Office in Beijing; 2006-08, Chief Representative and Head, China; 2008-10, Senior Director, Global Growth Companies; 2010-12, Senior Director, Head of Membership; 2012, Senior Director, responsible for the development and integration of systems, processes and information technology; currently Chief Information and Interaction Officer.