Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

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The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 is a global public-private partnership dedicated to collaborative action to realize sustainable rural development and better growth opportunities based on reduced deforestation and sustainable land use management in tropical forest countries. Partners of the TFA 2020 make commitments to reducing  tropical deforestation associated with the sourcing of four agricultural commodities – palm oil, soy, beef, and paper & pulp. The TFA 2020 is the platform that helps implement these commitments.  The World Economic Forum is host to the Secretariat of the Tropical Forest Alliance for an initial period from June 2015 - June 2018.

Note: The First Annual Meeting of the TFA 2020 will take place in March 2016 in Jakarta. You can find more about the TFA 2020 on www. 



The goals of the TFA Secretariat can be summarised in three dimensions
- Convene key private sector, government and civil ociety entities
- Co-Create an environment and financing mechanisms that enable partners to achieve deforestation-free supply chains
- Communicate to high-level decision makers and practitioners