Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

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In 2014, the world lost 18 million hectares of tree cover, largely driven by the production of agricultural commodities. The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 is a global public-private partnership dedicated to collaborative action to realize sustainable rural development and better growth opportunities based on reduced deforestation and sustainable land use management in tropical forest countries. The Alliance includes more than 90 partners representing the private sector, governments, civil society organizations, indigenous peoples groups and multilateral organizations who are committed to reducing tropical deforestation associated with the production of palm oil, soy, beef and pulp and paper. TFA 2020 fosters cross-sector collaboration and involves working across Latin America, West andCentral Africa and Southeast Asia to implement these commitments.  Action areas for 2017 include:

  • Convene key private sector, governmental and civil society entities at the global and regional level through meetings and workshops

  • Facilitate multistakeholder support for jurisdictional approaches to sustainable land-use management

  • Develop an Action Agenda 2020 for Deforestation-free Commodities to serve as a strategic reference document for all stakeholders that seek to reduce commodity-driven deforestation. 

  • Support and communicate on the progress of commitments to eliminate deforestation from the production of agricultural commodities

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