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Published: 7 September 2022

Annual Report 2021-2022


World Economic Forum Beijing Representative Office

| Rebecca Ivey, Chief Representative Officer, China Office

The World Economic Forum’s reputation in China is one of a far-sighted and fair-minded international platform. Many public institutions regard the Forum as the go-to partner for high-level impactful collaboration, leading to constructive engagement with over 30 central government ministries and bureaus, and 15 major provincial and municipal offices.

The key government counterpart is the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a key ministry in China’s central government. The Forum’s flagship China-based event, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, has been one of the only internationally organized events in which the Chinese Premier has participated every year that it has taken place since 2007.

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World Economic Forum Japan

| Makiko Eda, Chief Representative Officer, Japan Office

In 2021-2022, the World Economic Forum Japan office significantly enhanced its engagements with constituents in the country’s public and private sectors. On the government side, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment engaged in the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) as part of its ambition to achieve net zero by 2050, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry contributed as a joint-venture partner with the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan. On the business side, Japanese Partner companies deepened their level of engagement and participated in more platform efforts than ever, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. On the public engagement side, the Forum launched its YouTube Japan channel as an additional social media platform to further engage citizens. It quickly became one of its most successful digital channels.

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World Economic Forum LLC

| Sarita Nayyar, Managing Director; Chief Operating Officer, USA

Since 2006, the World Economic Forum LLC engages US stakeholders in shaping global, regional and industry agendas. Its original New York office continues to manage relationships with Forum business Partners who strongly support the Forum’s mission to drive relevant and sustainable change through multistakeholder dialogues and public-private cooperation. Since 2017, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial in San Francisco serves as the World Economic Forum’s second US location, focusing on technology governance.

With the pandemic conditions still at play, operations were managed virtually for a majority of the year. The US offices have been operating in a hybrid mode since March 2022.

New York office

As in the past, the New York office continued to focus on key industry sectors, including consumer packaged goods, financial services, investors, information technology, digital communications and mobility.


San Francisco office


The San Francisco office serves as the global base for the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network. The Forum continued to establish this network as the foremost international institution recognized for its leadership role in the collaborative development, piloting and refinement of policy frameworks and governance protocols that more fully anticipate the risks and accelerate the social benefits of emerging technology.

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution shapes new policies and strategies in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital assets, the internet of things or autonomous vehicles, and enables agile implementation and iteration via its fast-growing network of national and subnational Centres. It helps leaders anticipate, understand and shape the trajectory of technological change for human-centred, society-serving outcomes. (See also the section on the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution).

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