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By Global Future Council on Clean Electrification — 21 October 2021

Getting to Net Zero: Increasing Clean Electrification by Empowering Demand

This Insight Report invites policy-makers, regulators and investors to place greater focus on the demand side of the electricity system. It presents the tech...

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By McKinsey & Company and World Economic Forum — 21 October 2021

Road Freight Zero: Pathways to faster adoption of zero-emission trucks

Road Freight Zero: Pathways to faster adoption of zero-emission trucks identifies three groups of solutions that can act as accelerators for faster adoption

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14 October 2021

Financing the Transition to a Net-Zero Future

Produced in collaboration with Oliver Wyman, this report argues that to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a net-zero future, a multifold increase i...

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13 October 2021

ASEAN Digital Generation Report: Pathway to ASEAN’s inclusive digital transformation and recovery

Based on a survey of close to 90,000 respondents from six countries in the South-East Asia region (ASEAN), this report continues to monitor the impact of the...

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29 September 2021

Annual Report 2020-2021

COVID-19 grew to a pandemic with tragic consequences for many institutions and individuals. In our Annual Report 2020-2021, you can read how the World Econom...

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28 September 2021

Unlocking Large-Scale, Long-Term Capital for Sustainable Mobility: Introducing Key Mobility Investment Archetypes

The Forum in collaboration with McKinsey & Company has launched a joint report, Unlocking Large-Scale, Long-Term Capital for Sustainable Mobility: Introd...

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22 September 2021

Shaping an Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery: Acting Now for a Better Future

This report outlines a global vision and concrete, practical guidance to grow forward towards more resilient economies which serve all parts of society and e...

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21 September 2021

Consumers Beyond Waste: An initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Consumption Platform

These three community-authored papers: The City Playbook; Design Guidelines; and Safety Guidelines provide specific recommendations for implementing reuse mo...

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21 September 2021

Lighthouse Action on Social Justice Through Stakeholder Inclusion

This insight report shows corporate leaders how to incorporate social justice and equity in concrete actions with workers, communities and civil society.

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16 September 2021

Forests, Food Systems, and Livelihoods: Trends, Forecasts, and Solutions to Reframe Approaches to Protecting Forests

This report provides a close examination of global trends and the supply and demand dynamics of key commodities produced in the tropics.

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8 September 2021

From Sandbox to Bridge: The Role of the Greater Bay Area in Connecting China with Global Asset Management

This report presents the findings from multistakeholder discussions, with a focus on the longer-term opportunities that the Greater Bay Area (GBA) could unlo...

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6 September 2021

Urban Transformation: Integrated Energy Solutions

This briefing paper shows how the built environment and mobility can serve as the foundations to kickstart urban transformation and decarbonization anywhere ...

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