Annual Report 2010-2011
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2010-2011, our 41st year since foundation, has
confirmed, if confirmation were needed, the necessity for an independent international organization within
the global governance system that has the ability and credibility to bring
together all stakeholders in an independent space to work together on issues
that concern us all.

This year the fragility of traditional governance
structures has been graphically demonstrated by events. During our Annual
Meeting, we watched in real time as new technology enabled the flowering of
rapid and varied civil movements across the Middle East. We have seen the weakness
of economic governance in the developed world, as Europe has struggled to
contain its debt crisis and the US economy has sputtered. Japan is facing a
devastating scenario as a natural catastrophe turned into a nuclear nightmare.
All these and numerous other examples of risks that are complex in nature and
global in consequence emerge every day, enabled by the unique circumstances of
the 21st century.- Klaus SchwabFounder and Executive ChairmanWorld Economic Forum 

Tuesday 6 September 2011