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Victor Pineda on how responsible AI can help people with disabilities

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Victor Pineda, a Hispanic man in a wheelchair and using a machine to help him breathe, shares his experience of growing up in a world that wasn't designed for him. Denied education in his home country due to his disability, he found an opportunity in the US, where laws protected his right to learn.

He sees AI as a chance to create customized learning experiences for diverse learners, a stark contrast to his exclusionary past.

The potential and the peril

Pineda acknowledges the immense potential of AI to empower people with disabilities, particularly in areas like work and education. However, he warns of the risk of exacerbating existing inequalities if marginalized groups are not included in the development process.

He emphasizes the importance of diverse representation in the data used to train AI models, ensuring that algorithms don't perpetuate biases and erase minority voices.

"Nothing about us without us": A call for inclusion

Pineda advocates for a rights-based approach to AI development, encapsulated in the phrase "Nothing about us without us." This principle demands the active participation of people with disabilities in shaping AI systems that impact their lives. He believes their voices are crucial to creating equitable and inclusive technology that benefits everyone.

A global effort towards responsible AI:

Pineda highlights the World Economic Forum's AI Governance Alliance as a positive step towards uniting diverse stakeholders in shaping responsible AI. He emphasizes the need for global collaboration, transparency, and inclusivity to ensure that AI benefits all of humanity.

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