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This is the most colourful view of the universe yet

The universe has unveiled its most captivating beauty yet, thanks to a remarkable collaboration between two powerful space telescopes. The James Webb Space Telescope and its predecessor, Hubble, have joined forces to capture the most colorful and comprehensive image of a galaxy cluster, MACS0416, located 4.3 billion light-years away.

Colourful universe: A tapestry of galaxies

This groundbreaking image is a testament to the combined strengths of both telescopes. Hubble's sharp vision excels at observing nearby galaxies and objects, while James Webb's infrared capabilities penetrate the depths of the universe, revealing distant galaxies and celestial phenomena.

To enhance the image's clarity, scientists have color-coded the different wavelengths of light. Bluer galaxies represent closer celestial objects, while redder hues depict galaxies farther away.

A journey into the depths of space

Beyond the mesmerizing galaxies, the image showcases far-distant stars and supernovae, visible due to a phenomenon called gravitational lensing. Massive objects like galaxy clusters warp the fabric of space, acting as cosmic magnifying glasses, allowing scientists to peer deeper into the cosmos than ever before.

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