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Sweden's indigenous people demand protection for reindeer

Reindeer in Sweden are facing increasing threats from climate change and industrialization. More than 10,000 reindeer have been killed on Swedish roads over the past five years, as warmer temperatures force herders to graze their animals in new areas, some of which are crossed by major roads.

Additionally, an increase in mining activity in the region means more traffic, further endangering reindeer populations.

Protection for reindeer in Sweden

The Sámi people, Sweden's Indigenous population, are demanding greater protection for reindeer. They are calling for lower speed limits, more fencing, and safe reindeer crossings. Reindeer are fundamental to the Sámi way of life, and their decline poses a significant threat to the Sámi culture.

Using Sámi people's knowledge for conservation

Indigenous peoples have thousands of years of experience as stewards of their territories. They possess a wealth of knowledge about the land and its inhabitants, which can be invaluable in conservation efforts.

Embedding Indigenous knowledge in conservation and restoration projects can not only enhance the effectiveness of these efforts but also ensure a more just and equitable transition to a low-carbon future.

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