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This Is Where Remote Work Is Growing Fastest

A survey looked at 250 million job listings in 5 English-speaking countries to see how work is changing. Since 2019, remote work has grown five-fold in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK and three-fold in the US. Today, the UK leads the field. Almost 18% of jobs advertised there offer at least one day of remote work, compared with around 12% in Australia, the US, and Canada, and 10% in New Zealand.

Remote work in computing and mathematics has multiplied five-fold in the past 3 years, but remote work accounts for less than 1% in sectors such as food prep and grounds maintenance, as these jobs are more difficult to do off-site.

Remote work opportunities also vary from city to city. Though 1 in 4 roles in Washington DC, San Francisco, and London offer remote work, only 1 in 14 do the same in Perth, Australia. In general, people in larger cities work remotely more consistently due to the higher prevalence of knowledge worker roles like scientists, lawyers, and physicians, but the trend for remote work is also boosting smaller towns as workers relocate for more affordable and better-quality housing and to be closer to nature

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Sheikh Tanjeb Islam

June 18, 2024

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