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17 February 2021

Safe Drive Initiative: SafeDI scenario-based AV policy framework – technical implementation guidance

This paper is part of a series from the Safe Drive Initiative, proposing a high-level policy framework to enable a regulator to implement an operational safe...

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28 January 2021

Unlocking Humanitarian and Resilience Investing through Better Data

Can the emerging investment type – Humanitarian and Resilience Investing (HRI) – which leverages private capital in a way that benefits vulnerable people and...

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26 January 2021

Learning Lessons from Across Europe: Prioritizing Lung Cancer After COVID-19

During the height of the outbreak, many hospitals diverted their efforts exclusively to COVID-19 patients and cancer clinics suspended or limited services. T...

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26 January 2021

Connecting Countries and Cities for Regional Value Chain Integration: Operationalizing the AfCFTA

The launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) on 1 January 2021 brings a new window of opportunity for Africa to ramp up its manufacturing s...

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22 January 2021

Precision Medicine Readiness Principles Resource Guide: Care integration

This report outlines the Precision Medicine Readiness Principles project, which will produce a living document offering benchmarks for those wishing to advan...

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21 January 2021

A Framework for the Safe and Efficient Global Movement of Batteries

This white paper – published by the Global Battery Alliance with support from the World Economic Forum, White & Case, and SYSTEMIQ – presents a vision to...

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14 January 2021

Data Excellence: Transforming manufacturing and supply systems

Manufacturing industries are on the verge of a data-driven revolution – here’s what’s needed to ensure it results in increased productivity, better customer ...

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13 January 2021

The Future of the Corporation Moving from balance sheet to value sheet

The COVID-19 pandemic plus the underlying trends of worsening inequality and climate crisis have forced business leaders to question how they operate: who th...

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7 January 2021

Indian Cities in the Post Pandemic World

As economic powerhouses, cities drive growth and innovation, create jobs, improve livelihoods, and advance prosperity. In India, cities contribute around 70%...

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5 January 2021

Circular Trailblazers: Scale-ups Leading the Way Towards a More Circular Economy

The circular transition requires change within and throughout our economic systems. A particular subset of innovators – trailblazers – go the extra mile to s...

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16 December 2020

Consequences of a Mobile Future: Creating an Environmentally Conscious Life Cycle for Lead-Acid Batteries

This White Paper addresses the safe and environmentally responsible management of LAB recycling. It provides a series of recommendations for policy-makers, d...

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14 December 2020

Responsible Limits on Facial Recognition Use Case: Flow Management

Part II Pilot phase: Self‑assessment, the audit management system and certification - The World Economic Forum’s tested toolkit and certification framework f...

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