Global Lighthouse Network: Insights from the Forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Over the past years, a leading group of manufacturers have made impressive progress scaling Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies within the manufacturing plant environment. The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, recognizes these factories as part of its Global Lighthouse Network of 44 sites showing leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This report highlights key insights from the community. For example, while all Lighthouses have successfully transformed at the site level, 14 organizations have extended their Fourth Industrial Revolution innovation journeys through the end-to-end (E2E) value chain, using technology to drive value for the enterprise connecting the organization from suppliers to customers. The report also shows that along with the integrating technology itself, Lighthouses have invested in their people building capabilities, adjusting the organizational structure and developing new ways of working, demonstrating that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is, after all, a human enterprise.

White Paper
10 January 2020