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8 October 2021

Digital Trade in Services and Taxation

This white paper is a preliminary inquiry into the effects of DSTs on trade, investment and competition, drawing from multistakeholder interviews and a surve...

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20 September 2021

Delivering a Climate Trade Agenda: Industry Insights

For this report, the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Clifford Chance, interviewed representatives from more than 30 companies to better understan...

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13 April 2021

Advancing Data Flow Governance in the Indo-Pacific: Four Country Analyses and Dialogues

This White Paper on advancing data flow governance in the Asia-Pacific region explores international and regional best practices in four domestic contexts.

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30 September 2020

Digital FDI Policies, regulations and measures to attract FDI in the digital economy

FDI brings not only capital but also knowledge and technology. Attracting digital FDI can help economies and companies boost digital capabilities, but reflec...

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18 September 2020

Facilitating Trade Along Circular Electronics Value Chains

Electronics are a critical part of our lives and even more so in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, however, too many electronics wind up i...

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29 July 2020

Plastics, the Circular Economy and Global Trade

This briefing note draws on the expertise of trade and environment experts from across the plastics value chain to identify the key cross-border challenges t...

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10 June 2020

Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT): Paths towards Free and Trusted Data Flows

A major international initiative on data flows, the Osaka Track, was launched by heads of governments under Japan’s G20 leadership in 2019. This paper develo...

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6 January 2020

The Future of Trade and Investment: A Call to Prevent Economic Fragmentation

In January 2019, the Global Future Council on International Trade and Investment outlined four potential scenarios for the future of global trade and investm...

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3 January 2020

International Investment in the Age of Geopolitical Competition, Technological Change and Trade Confrontation

This briefing paper by the Global Future Council on International Trade and Investment explains the new forces shaping international investment. It outlines ...

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17 December 2019

Exploring International Data Flow Governance

This paper provides insights, developed through expert inputs, on domestic good practices as well as trade policy tools that can help balance facilitating cr...

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11 December 2019

Competition Policy in a Globalized, Digitalized Economy

Features of many digital platforms have led competition authorities to rethink traditional tools. In doing so, they have taken diverse views of the consumer ...

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3 December 2019

Corporate Tax, Digitalization and Globalization

As countries seek to reform international corporate tax rules to address these issues, this paper supports informed debate among non-experts. It has been pro...

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