A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

  • Dani Rodrik suggests how to make trade socially fairer. (Foreign Policy)
  • Saying it louder will not help. Trade economists need to develop understandable language and stronger arguments. (Vox EU)
  • Larry Summers on why unwinding trade deals will not help the middle class. (Financial Times, paywall)
  • Andres Velasco on how populist policies pay off, both economically and politically, long before they become toxic. (Project Syndicate)
  • Progressive thinking is needed to drive long-term growth. (Vox EU)

Quote of the week

“Knowledge-based growth is one of the most persistent of all historical phenomena – though the conditions of its persistence are complex and require above all a competitive and open market for ideas.” Joel Mokyr (from this Vox EU article)

  • What does slowing entrepreneurship tell us about the future growth of the US? (New York Times)

Chart of the week

Image: Economic Innovation Group analysis of Census Bureau data
  • Yet the global economy is remarkably resilient, says economist Jim O'Neill. (Project Syndicate)