Equal pay laws in the UK may be scrapped after Brexit. (The Independent)

Google ordered to hand over salary details in gender equality court battle. (The Guardian)

Women of colour face staggering harassment in space science. (The Washington Post)

There’s a reason women in tech are finally speaking out. (Wired)

Building robots while a woman. In Afghanistan. (The Atlantic)

UK advertising watchdog to get tough on gender stereotypes. (BBC)

Online harassment: men and women experience it differently. (Pew Research)

China is out of step with global trends when it comes to women in power. (New York Times)

214 million women who want to prevent pregnancy, dont have access to contraception. (Slate)

‘It’s all sextortion and revenge porn’: fighting cyber abuse in Pakistan. (The Guardian)

Quit calling me Mrs, said Amelia Earhart in 1932. (Quartz)

25 famous women on confidence. (New York Times)

Chart of the week: Online harassment

Seven-in-ten women (70%) say they see online harassment as a major problem, compared with 54% of men.

Quote of the week

“Fortunately, there is a solution that has been proved to address gender discrimination in all its forms, both implicit and explicit: hiring more women.”