The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought economic and social disruption worldwide. As governments and businesses seek to rebuild afresh, we must ensure that the innovation that will power economic growth and solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges is not held back by regulations designed for the past. A more agile approach to regulation is needed, that seizes the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution whilst mitigating the risks.

Watch this discussion to hear how governments are reimagining how emerging technologies should be governed and how businesses can contribute to this endeavour.

This session was livestreamed on TopLink.


  • Christopher Padilla – Vice President for Government and Regulatory Affairs – IBM
  • Paola Pisano – Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalization
  • Diana Paredes – CEO and Co-founder, Suade Labs
  • Amanda Solloway – Minister for Science, Research and Innovation – United Kingdom


  • Mirek Dušek – Head of Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East – World Economic Forum

Closing remarks by

  • Jeffrey Schlagenhauf – Deputy Secretary General – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development