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  • World Economic Forum's fortnightly podcast launched 6 months ago, featuring the world’s top changemakers.
  • In a special compilation episode, the podcast celebrates the leadership approaches shared both on Meet the Leader as well as at World Economic Forum events.

The Meet the Leader podcast was launched 6 months ago, with one-on-one conversations with some of the top leaders around the world. In each of these fortnightly episodes, leaders talk about how they're finding solutions to the world's biggest problems, as well as how they approach their roles and days, revealing the habits and approaches that they can't work without.

This compilation episode includes advice shared by leaders on this podcast and at World Economic Forum events such as the Pioneers of Change Summit and the Annual Meeting in Davos.

Tips shared in this latest episode:

Dario Gil, the director of IBM Research. Like all of us, Gil must 'context switch' throughout his day. To 'order his mind' he listens to Johann Sebastian Bach loudly on his drive to and from work each day. More about this episode

Netta Korin, co-founder of blockchain group Orbs and the founder of The Hexa Foundation, a blockchain non-profit. Korin shared her simple approach to prioritizing and making progress on her most important projects, a key approach during the chaos of the pandemic. More about this episode.

Brian Moynihan, Bank of America CEO. Moynihan spoke on how working during a time of great change requires putting hierarchies aside temporarily, and on looking 'out-in' to understand what teams need. More about this episode.

Punit Renjen, Global CEO of Deloitte. Renjen shared that as a youth in India he was not always seen as the one expected to succeed. He talked about the importance of not typecasting yourself and understanding that no one's future is preordained. More about this episode.

Carlos Brito, CEO of beverage giant AB InBev. Brito values discussion and debate and explained why active listening requires constructive challenge and even putting consequences on discussions like additional questions or feedback. More about this episode.

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma. He said some of the best people he's worked with didn't always have the best pedigrees, but they were the most optimistic. Those are the people he always tries to hire and with whom he likes to work.

David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-executive chairman of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group. Rubenstein explained how he prepares for his many interviews of top leaders for his programme, The David Rubenstein Show on Bloomberg, using an approach he borrowed from Jim Baker, the former Secretary of State and a former partner in his firm. More about this episode.

Dame Polly Courtice, Founder Director of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Courtice has worked for decades helping leaders make better decisions for the planet. The work can be slow going, but to stay resilient, she reminds herself to look to those with qualities she admires. More about this episode.

Marian Croak, head of responsible AI at Google. This innovator holds hundreds of patents and her work developing Voice over IP helped laid the foundation for the technologies that powered the remote work we've done over the pandemic. It also allowed for Meet the Leader and all of the World Economic Forum podcasts to be recorded remotely this past year. She told our Pioneers of Tech Summit how she continues to think innovatively - and how she finds unique solutions to problems.

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