• A new survey highlights what Americans have enjoyed the most when working from home.
  • 68% benefitted from no longer having to commute, 63% enjoyed more flexible hours, while not having to dress in smart clothes came third.
  • Many workers will now be reluctant to give up these perks as workplaces begin to reopen.

As vaccination rates climb and case numbers drop in many parts of the world, companies are preparing for life after the pandemic. In many cases, that involves bringing workers back to their offices. And while a return to the pre-pandemic working model may have been considered a foregone conclusion at the onset of the pandemic, things have changed over the past 16 months as many workers have developed a taste for a more flexible working model.

According to a YouGov survey among remote workers in the United States, the lack of a commute is the most obvious benefit of working from home. Flexible hours and the ability to dress more casually are also high on the list, with the ability to do simple chores during working hours and spending more time with family following close behind.

Overall it can be said that many employees have embraced the new situation and are reluctant to give up their new freedoms. And while many executives would certainly prefer to return to the old model, getting the genie back into the bottle looks close to impossible at this point.

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68% said they benefitted from not having to commute.
Image: YouGov/Statista