• Eurostat has revealed the average age of when Europe's young people leave the parental home.
  • The ages differ dramatically, with an average age of 17.4 years in Sweden and 33.3 years in Montenegro.
  • The average age for Europeans was reported to be around 26.4 years.

Figures from Eurostat have revealed the average age at which young people leave their parent's house in Europe. At the top of the list is Montenegro where the nest is generally flown at the ripe age of 33.3. This is also indicative of the trend that young people in the more southern nations tend to stay with their parents for longer, with Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain all at the top of the ranking. At the bottom, the north of the continent is represented by Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

When Europeans fly the nest
The average age of when young people leave the parental household.
Image: Statista