Andrew Chakhoyan

Founder and Managing Partner, Strategic Narrative Consulting

Master of Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School (USA); Executive Master’s Degree in Global Leadership conferred by The World Economic Forum (in partnership with Columbia University, Wharton Business School, INSEAD, LBS, CEIBS); Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Donetsk State Tech University (Ukraine).
1999-2005 with SLCC: overseeing student support services program.
2005-2006 with CRDF Global: Managing an int’l grant program for scientific/business partnerships in technology.
2006-2011 with The Millennium Challenge Corporation: structuring and implementing transformational economic development projects across 3 continents.
2012-2015 with the World Economic Forum (Europe & Eurasia Team): heading regional government engagement.
2015-2017 with VEON, overseeing public policy and government affairs across the market footprint of 235M customers.
Since 2017, Founder and Managing Director, Strategic Narrative Consulting ( advising, EBRD, and several tech startups on Public Policy.
Since 2019, Academic Director at the University of Amsterdam teaching a summer course on Multilateralism, Globalization & Corporate Diplomacy.

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11 Aug 2017
Global Governance


上周,马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)宣布“Facebook计划把全球社区都聚集在一起。”几个月前,一位瑞典亿万富翁László Szombatfalvy成立了“全球挑战基金会”,并以500万美元奖金征求重塑全球合作的想法。 这一时机颇具象征性,许多专家都对当前国际既有制度的解体感到震惊,例如英国脱欧和反政府运动的激增。 如今,全球化被一些杰出的政治家看...

28 Feb 2017

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