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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture influence society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time, affecting and impacting the fundamental sense of self. Considered to be the repository of a society's collective memory, the arts allow people the opportunity to be exposed to stimuli that can provoke thoughts and emotions and for many, this can lead to new information, education, and growth.

We believe that Arts and Culture can promote inclusive and sustainable cultural change. We do this by:

• Providing a diverse range of artists and cultural leaders unparalleled access to the Forum’s convening power, exposure and resources in support of their courage, innovation and narrative-shaping ability.

• Integrating culture into the major dialogues and Forum activities to reflect the true complexity of issues and ensure cultural change is within the fabric of any effort for progress.

The Forum opens its platform to artists, cultural leaders and cultural institutions to co-develop exhibitions, performances, experiences, and panels that have the power to advance inclusive and sustainable cultural change. In some cases, we commission and produce new work.

Recent Highlights

Culture turns ‘the other’ into ‘us’. The shared understanding that culture generates can, in these divisive times, bind us together as one world.” Yo-Yo Ma

Watch “Our Shared Humanity” the concert performed at the Annual Meeting 2022 by pianist Emanuel Ax and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The concert celebrates humanity, our very essence and connection to nature and to one another, as well as our shared common hopes for a united and prosperous future. It was also a musical statement of support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

The concert also featured an immersive visual backdrop with content including portrait images illustrating the diversity of mankind courtesy of Atlas of Humanity, a cultural non-profit association that serves as a meeting point for debate, exchange and promotion of artistic and cultural activities. There was also an exclusive filmed performance, created by the Forum especially for the concert in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Ahmad Joudeh

Voice Gems - Messages of Hope Exhibition

In a world full of uncertainty and tension, personal dialogue is more important than ever.” Klaus Schwab

Inaugurated at the Annual Meeting 2022, the Voice Gems - Messages of Hope Exhibition brings together 17 diverse and far-reaching messages under four pillars of collective intelligence to inspire hope and connectivity at this historical turning point. Based on Klaus Schwab’s book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the four pillars are: the heart (emotional intelligence); the mind (contextual intelligence); the soul (inspirational intelligence); and the body (physical intelligence).

Messages of Hope is a collaboration between the World Economic Forum and Harry Yeff (Reeps100), a London-born new media artist, specializing in voice, technology and performance.

The Voice Gems project generates unique digital gemstones based on a person’s voice. Each vocal recording is sent through the Voice Gems system of 200,000 particles, which are sculpted by assigned features such as volume, pitch and harmonics found in the data of each voice.

Discover the complete Voice Gems – Messages of Hope Exhibition here.

Exhibition of Life

Now in its 57th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition showcases the outstanding skills of photographers from around the globe that reflect the beauty and fragility of life on our planet.

The photography competition is organized by the Natural History Museum in London and at the Annual Meeting 2022 we showcased a selection of photographs from the 2021 edition. This important initiative continues to harness the power of photography to tell remarkable stories of wildlife and the role we each have in protecting its future.

The New Narratives Lab

The New Narratives Lab is an initiative developed by the Forum in collaboration with the artist Lynette Wallworth and is supported by the Ford Foundation. The new Narratives Lab was launched in 2020 at the Annual Meeting in Davos and has been designed to support the leadership development of storytellers from under-represented communities.

The Crystal Award

The Crystal Award celebrates leading artists whose leadership has inspired inclusive and sustainable change. Bestowed each year in Davos, the award marks the start of the Annual Meeting.

Past Crystal Awardees are active in several areas, including cross-cultural understanding, peace-making, social inclusion, the environment, health, education and food security. See here for the list of all past awardees.

Awardees are selected by the members of the World Economic Forum’s arts advisory body, the World Arts Forum, chaired by Ms. Hilde Schwab.

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