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The Industry Community for Media, Entertainment and Information (MEI) is an exclusive community of peers. Chief executives and chairs constitute the Industry Governors, who provide leadership, define the industry agenda and drive change.

Industry Agenda

The media industry has undergone several waves of disruption, upending business models across the sector. Today, content is either the ‘destination’ for consumers or it is the vehicle to attract a large consumer base, using media to monetize other parts of a business. Such content provides new or supplemental ways to interact with consumers, making the media industry the gateway to any brand looking to connect with consumers.

If properly managed through public-private collaboration, a thriving media ecosystem could produce wider economic gains. Such opportunities signify the need of anticipating the ways we are impacted by media and entertainment to enable a more informed, united and inclusive society by engaging with this platform through the following initiatives:

  • Value in Media is a research project managed by the Platform. To date, it has surveyed 9,100+ consumers and convened 100 executives to study media consumption preferences and business model strategies.The project is now in a second phase that attempts to measure the value media generate in society, focusing on new indicators of value such as quality, innovation and consumer welfare, and identifying metrics that better represent media’s contribution to other industries such as retail and e-commerce. The project publishes regular analysis on trends and key events in the media industry and uses its significant body of work to inform discussions with industry leaders and policymakers.
  • Advancing Global Digital Content Safety is a project focusing on solutions to tackle the spread of harmful content online. The project focuses on 1) developing a framework of public-private cooperation and principles for online content moderation, including basic standards to define harmful content, accountability, and performance targets; 2) reducing the spread of harmful content online by identifying complementary set of regulatory, technical, process, product; and, 3) business-driven solutions; and, Identifying ways to increase literacy and promote safe digital experiences/spaces.
  • Platform for Purpose aims to advance avenues for which platforms can leverage technology, data and the power of communities for social good, across health, digital literacy and other areas of society. The project works to influence a more constructive, informed and inclusive outlook on how platforms can be used for social good; to bridge industry gaps between media, consumer, tech and digital communications industries; and to achieve tangible results in improving health, well-being and cohesion in society.
  • The Global Alliance for Responsible Media(GARM) is an initiative of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and was launched in Cannes in June 2019. It brings together the world’s largest brands, platforms, agencies and industry associations in an unprecedented effort to address the challenges of harmful content online from an advertising and media perspective. GARM focuses on viewer safety for consumers, reducing risks for advertisers, developing credibility for digital platforms and, more broadly, ensuring a sustainable online ecosystem.
  • United for News (UFN) is a joint venture between Internews and the World Economic Forum. The project is a multistakeholder coalition of industry, media and civil society with a shared mission to support and sustain reputable media in the digital age. Throughout the past year, two key project streams were defined and launched: sustaining media through socially responsible advertising, and amplifying women’s voice in media.

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