Industry Strategy Meeting

7—8 June 2017 San Francisco, USA

The World Economic Forum’s Industry Strategy Meeting convenes the community of Industry Strategy Officers, a group of senior executives chosen by their companies to contribute to shaping the industry and global agendas. This year, the meeting aims to define and shape the outlook for industries, identify where sectors can work together for economic and societal benefit, and explore how industries can shift from managing disruption to pioneering new models of responsible capitalism – particularly in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Industry disruptions tied to the Fourth Industrial Revolution have raised the stakes for an equitable, thriving and stable global economy. As emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous transport, clean energy and neurotechnologies transform core business models across industry sectors, how is the outlook for global business affected? What does this new reality mean for business? What does it mean for the sustainable creation and equal distribution of value in economies and society?

Some 300 industry strategy officers will convene at the Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, located at the Presidio of San Francisco, for a programme designed to build on the business community’s dialogue at the Annual Meeting in Davos and Forum Systems Initiatives, and focus on Creating Value in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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