Parents and Guardians

Guide for Parents and Guardians

This guide helps decision-making about buying and using AI products for children and youth.

This guide is designed to educate parents and guardians to help them understand considerations when buying AI-powered toys, devices or apps, such as video games, smart toys, smart speakers, education technology products, and more. It is also designed to supplement the AI labelling system that may accompany the product or service.

AI products use sensors and inputs to collect information about whoever uses them. The information they collect includes images, videos, patterns of use and other data. AI products then use algorithms to interpret the information. They make predictions about and suggestions for their users.

Benefits and risks

AI products have benefits. For example, they can recommend content that users might like. But AI products also have risks – they might collect information that their consumers do not want them to use or keep. These risks carry even more weight when users are children who may or may not be ready to make decisions about their digital rights, or who may not fully know or understand the impact of AI on their lives.

Parents and guardians decide which AI-powered technologies to buy for their children. By educating yourselves and better understanding the benefits and risks posed by the technology, you can make deliberate and informed decisions that can protect your children and be sure AI has a positive impact on their lives.

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Guide for Parents and Guardians

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