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Published: 10 January 2024

Global Risks Report 2024

Appendix C: Executive Opinion Survey: National Risk Perceptions

Table C.1 presents the list of 36 risks that were incorporated into the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Executive Opinion Survey (EOS), which was administered between April and August 2023. The risks are comparable to those in the GRPS (Global Risks Perception Survey) but are applied at a more granular level to reflect the possible short-term and country-level manifestations of global risks.

To ensure legibility, the names of some of the global risks have been abbreviated in the figures. The portion of the full name used in the abbreviation is in bold.

Table C.2 presents the top five risks for each of the 113 economies surveyed.

Over 11,000 respondents were presented with the following question: “Which five risks are the most likely to pose the biggest threat to your country in the next two years?” and were asked to select these from the list of 36 risks listed in Table C.1.

“Risk 1” indicates the most frequently selected risk in each economy. Tied risks are presented in alphabetical order, with the tie indicated by numbering. For example, in Türkiye, two risks (“Inequality (wealth, income)” and “Erosion of social cohesion and wellbeing”) are tied for third place and there is, therefore, no risk listed in fourth place.

For the purposes of more intuitive visual representation of results in the report, risks which were selected by zero respondents within a country tie last at #36. Further, to analyse the results of country or economy groups (such as the G20 or EU), country-level results are aggregated by taking a simple average of the ranking of the risk (from 1-36) by the countries or economies included in the group.

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