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Experts Explain | Jack Hidary | What to expect from quantum tech

We’re at the beginning of a new era of quantum technology.

While quantum computers already exist, they hold within them a problem-solving capacity so enormous that even the world’s most powerful supercomputers currently can’t compete.

The laws of quantum physics, which govern how molecules interact with one another, have helped us develop technologies that we now take for granted, like lasers, MRI machines, and even some types of lightbulbs.

Quantum sensors, meanwhile, are bringing the pricey technology of sophisticated medical scanners to our homes, heralding an unprecedented era of preventative medicine.

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But along with the benefits, this new wave of quantum technology brings new challenges. It stands to render the digital security infrastructure that underpins much of the global economy obsolete, posing a worldwide cybersecurity threat.

So how can we ensure the world can reap the rewards of quantum tech while staying ahead of the risks it poses?

To help us navigate these treacherous waters, we speak to Jack Hidary, the CEO of quantum technology company Sandbox AQ and author of one of the leading textbooks on quantum computing. You can read his blog on why the world is heading to a ‘quantum divide’ here.

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